Month: February 2012

Download Kin’sha CD for FREE

Always on the prowl for new and exciting Irish dance music, I just downloaded Kin’sha’s “Evolution” album for free!

Yes, free and legally. No catch — well, not really — just “like” the page. Free tracks. Can’t go wrong.

The downloadable tracks are available on Facebook though ReverbNation.

For more info on the band, visit Kin’sha’s official webpage.


TLC’s scouting Irish dance families!

After months of waiting for more information about the new Irish dance “reality show” on TLC, I hit the motherload — without even trying.

A casting assistant for a two-hour “special for TLC based around Irish Dance” emailed me this evening. She was looking for leads on dancers who will attend worlds — specifically “4 girls age 10-14 and 1 boy any age from the US who will be attending Worlds 2012.”

When the Irish dance world first heard about the concept a few months ago, rumors flew — and continue to fly freely — about the possibility of  it turning out to be a “Toddlers in Tiaras” type of show that would make ID look gaudy and tasteless. This particular casting assistant, from Metal Flowers Media, said she was not aware of any show of that nature, only the two-hour special. So it’s unclear to me if *this* is the reality show, or if this is something totally different — perhaps a new format?

Last I’d heard, CLRG dancers (in the Mid-Atlantic region) were asked not to participate in the show. Now this is unclear, given the fact that TLC will be sending a camera crew to worlds. They must have CLRG’s permission, right? Because TLC is looking only for dancers going to worlds, they’re not going to be pursuing other Irish dance orgs, I presume.

Aside from the demographics listed above, and the worlds qualification, here are some other characteristics the casting assistant included in her email to me: “We are looking for ALL types of stories one much different from the next. We want to know the struggles, happy days, and all in between.”

After exchanging a few emails with the casting assistant, I gave her my phone number to further discuss the show.The company is scouting dancers this week, and interviews will occur in the following weeks, the casting assistant said by phone. Basically, the whole process will happen quickly.

Celtic friendship bracelet

It’s not necessarily dance-related, but it is Irish-related.

Anyone remember making friendship bracelets back in the day? I’m not sure if youngsters do this as much these days, but I am a total advocate for spending hours pulling and knotting colorful threads until a long chain of chevrons and zigzags appear.

It’s been a while since I pulled out my case of strings from the closet, but my older sister requested I get back into the bracelet-making biz now that her oldest daughter is at just the right age to learn basic knots and twists.

Inspired by 3-year-old Fifi’s enthusiasm, I’m challenging myself to a little personal challenge: to make this truly badass Celtic knot friendship bracelet!

Hey girl.

Hey girl. Or guy.

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