Month: April 2012

TapTronic launches with remixed remix

I didn’t know much of TapTronic before the launch of the duo’s brand-spanking-new video, but MAAAAAN do those guys know how to make a media entrance.

On Friday, TapTronic — comprising dancers Ciaran Plummer and Zach Klingenberg — posted this video, a remix of the already remixed “Crave You” by Flight Facilities. This particular Adventure Club mix has some added punchiness thanks to the guys’ astonishing taps:

According to TapTronic’s Facebook page, the dancers plan to fuse Irish dance and electronic music with the help of Grammy-nominated Surefire Music Group. I, for one, can’t wait to see what else the guys are up to.

Here’s the original non-TapTronic Adventure Club remix of “Crave You”:


Dean Crouch’s new album

I’m sure every scene has it’s own Ryan Gosling. In the Irish dance world, it’s Dean Crouch — former world champion dancer, soap opera actor, prodigal accordion player.

They guy can do — and has done —  it all.

His most recent accomplishment? Release a long-awaited followup to “Top Box.” Simplytitled “Dean,” his new Irish dance music album is available for purchase, but you can preview each of the tracks on his official website.

Irish dancer wine glasses. Gimme.

I can’t even handle all the unusual creations on Etsy. I just want to whip out my credit card and charge the world to it.

Today, I want THESE:

These individual glasses will run about $35 (USD), plus shipping and handling.

According to the Etsy item description, these  glasses are “individually handpainted and heat set to make … dishwasher safe in the top rack.” The’re signed by artist Lynette Sadowy. Item ships from Toronto, Canada.

‘Jig’ now available on iTunes

Get ready to feel simultaneously inspired and inferior, dancers. “Jig” is now on iTunes!

While the World Irish Dancing Championships are underway, I’m sitting comfortably in my upstate New York apartment wallowing in self-pity, watching “Jig,” carbo-loading for the big competition for which I never have (or will qualify). WAAAAAHHHHHH.

In related news, two “Jig” stars have won gold at Worlds so far. My heartfelt congratulations to two of the Irish dance scene’s most lovable, charming youngsters: Brogan McCay (McConomy) and John Whitehurst (Carey). Congratulations, you two.

Best of luck to all dancers yet to compete in Belfast. Enjoy your time at Worlds, and know that I am home slamming bagels while you live the dream. I envy each and every one of you.