‘Jig’ now available on iTunes

Get ready to feel simultaneously inspired and inferior, dancers. “Jig” is now on iTunes!

While the World Irish Dancing Championships are underway, I’m sitting comfortably in my upstate New York apartment wallowing in self-pity, watching “Jig,” carbo-loading for the big competition for which I never have (or will qualify). WAAAAAHHHHHH.

In related news, two “Jig” stars have won gold at Worlds so far. My heartfelt congratulations to two of the Irish dance scene’s most lovable, charming youngsters: Brogan McCay (McConomy) and John Whitehurst (Carey). Congratulations, you two.

Best of luck to all dancers yet to compete in Belfast. Enjoy your time at Worlds, and know that I am home slamming bagels while you live the dream. I envy each and every one of you.


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