Month: March 2013

Fusion Fighters obliterate Irish dance stereotype with samurai swards

Fusion Fighters are a mysterious group of elite Irish, tap and hip hop dancers.

Fusion Fighters are a mysterious group of elite Irish, tap and hip hop dancers.

A mysterious group of dancing ninjas is more than meets the eye.

Last week, the Fusion Fighters, described by an anonymous representative of the group as “an elite performance crew, utilising and combining various characteristics of dance, music, comedy, technology and film” released a video on YouTube that prompted laughter, awe and a little confusion.

Who are these dancers in combat gear, faces covered, waving swards through the air?

They’re “world class dancers, each a leader in their respective field, who have been trained to combine multiple high energy dance disciplines,” the representative said. “Without ever revealing their true identities, each project the Fusion Fighters undertake will involve advanced performance video technology, breathtaking choreography and a limitless range of music collaboration, creating a mysterious and elusive vibe and spectacular performances.”

The Fusion Fighters will make their live performance debut Sunday (St. Patrick’s Day) in London’s Trafalgar Square.


Irish dancers’ renditions of the ‘Harlem Shake’

It feels like everyone’s jumping on the “Harlem Shake” bandwagon, and Irish dancers are no exception.

For the last few weeks, Irish dance troupes from around the world have been uploading their own renditions of the viral video craze to YouTube. I’ve posted a bunch of those videos below, including the one that my fellow Buffalo, NY, Irish dancers and I shot a few weeks ago for It’s the first — and arguably best — video posted below 😉

Shamrock Shake – original

The original Irish dance class version

Southern region Harlem Shake

Dayton Irish dancers’ Harlem Shake

Another Shamrock Shake

Men of Trinity Harlem Shake