RinceBits: September 9, 2013

Welcome back to RincePop.com for the second batch of RinceBits, Irish dance highlights and happenings from the past week.

Here’s what’s going on lately:

    1. Last Monday, “Heartbeat of Home” gave select audiences a sneak peek at some of the choreography we can expect from the full stage show to debut later this month. The cast of Irish, flamenco, latin and street dancers appeared on RTE’s “Late Late Show,” for one number, which can be streamed here for a limited time.  It’s also embedded below:
    2. Along with acting as the official unveil of choreography, the HBOH performances on the “Late Late Show” and at the BBC Proms also acted as a fashion show of shorts. Feisonista gives an in-depth look at the style choices made for the dancers’ costumes.
    3. This is a little old, but two major Irish dance organizations have come together. Fellow IrishCentral blogger Christy Dorrity reports on the official merger of the World Irish Dance Association (WIDA) and North American Irish Dance Federation (NAIDF). Some dance schools previously associated with NAIDF have formed their own organization, Rince Tuatha Nua.
    4. And speaking of Christy Dorrity, she’s about to launch a new novel centered around an Irish dancing character. “Awakening” comes out Sept. 24. Christy was kind enough to send me an advance e-copy of the book, which I’ll be reviewing for IrishCentral.com in the weeks ahead.
    5. Irish dancer-turned-model Coco Rocha rocked the New York Fashion Week runway in an interesting way — by dancing, of course. Though she didn’t get much into Irish dance, the performance was otherwise quite stimulating. Watch it below: 

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