RinceBits: Derry parade of champs, win ghillies, ID Vine MVPs

Welcome back to RincePop’s lated RinceBits installment! Here’s a little taste of what’s been happening in the dance world:

  • It’s officially fall, and that means many dancers across the United States — in my region, for sure — are ramping up for regional oireachtas competitions. With that in mind, here’s a little inspiration to jump higher, point pretty and keep those taps in time: Derry parade of champs! Man, I can’t even begin to comprehend how some of those youngsters got SO GOOD in the few years they’ve been walking.

  • As I mentioned a few weeks back, Irish dancer Christy Dorrity’s new novel “Awakening” comes out Sept. 24. Not only is the author a dancer, so is one of her book’s leading characters! It gets even better: Christy will be giving away a pair of Hulluchan Pro Irish dance ghillies to one of her lucky readers. Find out how to enter the drawing here.
  • Nominations for Feisonista’s Best of Irish Dance are in, and it’s now time to pick some winners. Vote for your favorite shoemakers, dress designers, accessory vendors and more.
  • I’m looking for a few good Vine and Instagram accounts to follow. Know of any? I’m talking about original accounts, not aggregators and rebloggers — I want the REAL DEAL. I’ll feature a few accounts in an upcoming article, so send your suggestions my way.

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