Breandán de Gallaí’s TEDx talk

Breandán de Gallaí, former principal dancer for Riverdance and creator of Noctu, spoke recently at TEDxDCU (Dublin City University).

TEDx talks occur around the world, offering interesting people with ideas the opportunity to share their thoughts on a particular topic.

De Gallaí, who came from the competitive world of Irish dance and later excelled as a show dancer, discussed traditional Irish dance as he sees it — one that is undoubtedly evolving, a stark contrast to the thought that “traditional” is synonymous with “unchanging.”

In studying various forms of dance, he experienced a moment of “flow,” which is explains is “when you’re absolutely happy. Time doesn’t matter.”

He recalled wanting to recreate that feeling in choreography, but in such a way that he could introduce that sensation to other dancers.

Listen to de Gallaí’s complete talk below:


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