I’m S.J., a professional journalist-editor by day, Irish dancer by night.

My work has appeared in Hornpipe Magazine, Feis America Magazine, The Irish Times, NPR, The Buffalo Irish Times, I Heart That Dance blog, IrishCentral.com, MichaelFlatley.com and Diddlyi.com — the Irish dance stuff, that is. My non-ID work gets around, too 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading all the Irish dance news I have to offer. Please feel free to leave comments, interact on Twitter and suggest blog topics.


One comment

  1. Hello S.J.

    My name is Ursula Celano and I have an Irish gift design business which I’m hoping you will love.

    I am an Irish designer based in Dublin with a mission to design products which are feminine, fun and doing something funky with the ‘Irish’ brand. Amongst my designs I have some Irish Dancers patterns featured that may suit your readers and friends.

    I have a new selection of Irish language Christmas Cards added to my range this year that you may like, as well as some designs featuring other Irish themes such as traditional cottages and sheep!

    My gifts are handy for posting and make ideal Christmas presents for those with a love of Ireland…and Irish Dancing! All can be purchased easily online via ursulacelano.com with 10% OFF for my Ursula Celano Ireland Facebook fans. I am very happy to create a more generous offer of 15% off for your readers. There is also free posting anywhere for purchases over 35 euros.

    If you would like to feature my work on your website or blog and would like more images etc. feel free to drop me a line as I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

    Very warm regards,


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