TapTronic’s Italian adventure

TapTronic‘s back with a new video, featuring a new face and gorgeous Venice, Italy, as the backdrop. (more…)


New TapTronic video posted to YouTube

TapTronic posted a second astoundingly entertaining video to YouTube this morning.

Dancers Ciaran Plummer and Zach Klingenberg’s first Irish dance dubstep video amassed more than a half-million views on YouTube since being posted to YouTube two months ago.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Plummer and Klingenburg for IrishCentral in early May. It was the duo’s first official press interview as TapTronic.

This new video, posted below, is entitled “Cracks TapTronic Remix.” The song to which they dance is “Cracks,” remixed by Flux Pavilion.

The video was directed by Bojan Vanovac; audio production by Jared Hancock;  and the video was produced by Brian Doherty.

TapTronic’s first ever interview on Irish Central

Photo by Brian Doherty.

Just a heads-up:

I was fortunate enough to interview Ciaran Plummer and Zach Klingenberg — yep, that guys behind TapTronic! — this evening. Read the full interview on IrishCentral.com

The guys told me it was their first official interview as TapTronic. I bet they’ll have a lot more of those in the near future. Their YouTube video is approaching 200,000 hits on YouTube in just a single week of having been live online.