The top 15 Irish dance videos of 2015

Another year has passed, and a whole new batch of high-kicking, treble-making perfection has been uploaded to YouTube.

Even though I’ve been practically MIA on the blogging front for a year, I just haaaaad to return for this one annual tradition: Counting down the very best Irish dance videos on Youtube.

As in previous years, I’ve determined the top videos based on these factors:

  • Videos on the list were found on YouTube using the search term “Irish dance” or “Irish dancing”
  • Videos must have been posted to YouTube in the current calendar year (2015)
  • Videos are among the most viewed – based on search team and calendar year
  • Videos must include ACTUAL Irish dancing. You’re out of luck, cute babies bouncing along to Irish-y tunes. And to those pretending to Irish dance, just stop. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

Without further ado, here are the top 15 Irish dance videos of 2015:

15. Riverdance 20th Anniversary

No better way to kick off the list than recognizing the original Irish dance sensation that opened the world’s collective eye to the power and grace that is step dancing.

14. The Willis Clan’s dance routine

Unlike fellow reality show family the Duggars, the Willis Clan has ACTUAL TALENT. Keep it real, Willis family! Congratulations on making the list.

13. Vienna flashmob

Who doesn’t love a good flashmob?

12. Owen Luebbers – “Stronger”

If this was a list of top Instagram or Vine videos, numbers 1 through 15 would be ALL OWEN LUEBBERS. Happy to say this dancing phenom’s stardom crossed over to YouTube territory to make our annual list.

11. Sarah Louise Dooley and Sinead Mooney – “Cheerleader”

Much like the above social media star in the No. 12 spot, Sarah and Sinead made waves trebling to pop music, too. Get it, girls!

10. Senior ladies figure champions – World Irish Dancing Championships in Montreal

It’s champion time! These senior ladies won Worlds – and it’s no wonder!

9. NAIDC parade of champions – day 3

Champions on champions on champions…

8. City of London Feis parade of champions

What a lovely day for a parade. OF CHAMPS.

7. Mikaela’s recall round at Worlds 2014

Mikaela, make sure to tell your friends and family to not record you while in motion on stage. We don’t want you getting in trouble, deary. But fab dancing!

6. St. Patrick’s Day flashmob in Finland

Again, another flashmob success story.

5. The Next Step: Irish dance

Whoa. What school is this? Love the acapella routine and natural hair on the ladies.

4. Freedom

This video was a frontrunner for best Irish dance video of the year – some websites even bestowed that very title upon it without much empirical evidence – but we play by the rules here at RincePop! Still, what an amazing display of talent and cool. As much as I personally love this video, it’s not quite the big winner in terms of video views. For that honor, scroll on down.

3. Lord of the Dance on the “Graham Norton Show”

Technically, these two videos came in third and fourth place respectively. Combined, this clip from the show would be number one on the list. But as they say, united they conquer; divided they fall.

2. ABCs of Irish dance

Call me old and crotchety, but this is weird. Is this a popular YouTube practice? Using the alphabet to display skills? Regardless of my own opinions, Bethany G, the video’s host, is a young dynamo. She has nearly 75,000 YouTube subscribers. Good on you, young lady.

1. Buzzfeed’s Try It Guys try Irish dance

With 2.6 million views and counting, this Buzzfeed video is by far the year’s most popular Irish dance video. This comical display not only made viewers laugh, but it proved just how difficult even the most basic Irish dance steps can be. Also, Zane’s teeth.

*HONORABLE MENTION: Fusion Fighters Orchestra

This gem of a video should be in the top four, but it didn’t appear in an initial search for “Irish dance” or “Irish dancing.” But let’s not hold that against these talented gentlemen. I BLAME GOOGLE.


Like the Fusion Fighters video above, this theatrical event of a dance video also evaded the qualifying YouTube search. But with more than 100k views, there is NO WAY we can leave ProdiJIG off the list. Well done, to say the very least.


Irish dancers’ renditions of the ‘Harlem Shake’

It feels like everyone’s jumping on the “Harlem Shake” bandwagon, and Irish dancers are no exception.

For the last few weeks, Irish dance troupes from around the world have been uploading their own renditions of the viral video craze to YouTube. I’ve posted a bunch of those videos below, including the one that my fellow Buffalo, NY, Irish dancers and I shot a few weeks ago for It’s the first — and arguably best — video posted below 😉

Shamrock Shake – original

The original Irish dance class version

Southern region Harlem Shake

Dayton Irish dancers’ Harlem Shake

Another Shamrock Shake

Men of Trinity Harlem Shake

New TapTronic video posted to YouTube

TapTronic posted a second astoundingly entertaining video to YouTube this morning.

Dancers Ciaran Plummer and Zach Klingenberg’s first Irish dance dubstep video amassed more than a half-million views on YouTube since being posted to YouTube two months ago.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Plummer and Klingenburg for IrishCentral in early May. It was the duo’s first official press interview as TapTronic.

This new video, posted below, is entitled “Cracks TapTronic Remix.” The song to which they dance is “Cracks,” remixed by Flux Pavilion.

The video was directed by Bojan Vanovac; audio production by Jared Hancock;  and the video was produced by Brian Doherty.

Up & Over It offers Irish dance classes

Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding — better known as Up and Over It — will now offer weekly Irish dance classes in London.

According to the Facebook event description, the classes “will explore the many different styles of Irish dance for performance.”

As a prerequisite for the class, dancers must be of intermediate ability or better in tap, Irish or clogging. Will be interested to learn more about this class, which will be offered at London’s Pineapple Studios. If you’re in London and planning on checking it out, please let me know.

Up and Over It, popularized worldwide for initiating the hand-dance phenomenon, continues to crank out crazy-entertaining video shorts, including this one released on YouTube earlier in the week:

Loving the infusion of ballet, hip-hop, club and skipping rope!